Business history

October 1976 Started motorcycle engine assembly and processing.
April 1978 Started assembling and processing completed snowmobiles.
April 1978 Started assembling and processing completed golf cart.
October 1979 Started assembling and processing marine engines.
December 1983 Moved out from the assembly motorcycles, snowmobiles,
and golf carts, and specialized in parts processing.
April 1990 Started processing body cylinders.
August 1996 Started processing piston.
March 1999 Started processing crank case of buggy car.
October 2002 Started processing heavy-duty truck parts.
December 2004 Awarded the 2004 TPM Excellence Award Class 1.
September 2005 Started processing automotive parts.
August 2006 Started forging aluminum pistons.
December 2008 Awarded the 2008 TPM Excellence Continuity Award.
November 2011 Established “Enshu Vietnam”, an overseas manufacturing subsidiary for transport equipment parts.
July 2013 Started casting of aluminum body cylinder.
November 2013 Started aluminum forging and processing of motorcycle pistons at Enshu Vietnam.