Ever since Enshu Ltd. was established as a Textile machine manufacturing company in 1920, the company has remained true to its overriding philosophy, a belief that manufacturing must contribute to society and ensure greater affluence for all people. This concept underpins all that we do. Although our core business has changed to manufacturing of machine tools and transportation equipment parts to meet the needs of society and the changing times, this founding spirit has been preserved to the present in response to customers’ trust in us. Our company will soon celebrate its 100th year in business at a time when the environment surrounding us is changing dramatically and dynamically. In order to keep pace with this changing environment and to fulfill the needs of our domestic and international customers, we will continue providing high quality products, technology, and services by utilizing our global network in order to share vital information. While we are a manufacturer of machine tools, we also manufacture transportation equipment parts using our own machines in equipment production lines. Taking advantage of this characteristic of our organization, we aim to make our company unique while retaining the value of “Enshu”. Enshu has made a step forward with a clear vision to look ahead to the future. All members of our company work together with a single purpose – based on our “customer creed” – and strive to provide the highest quality products and services that our customers need and appreciate. Our ultimate goal is “to be a company that meets customer expectations and that is always selected by customers”.