ENSHU Limited

Enshu laser solution

Vertical machining center "WE30V 5axes"capable of simultaneous 5-axes machining.
WE30V 5axes is a simultaneous 5-axis machining vertical machining center equipped
with a large-capacity table and using a high-rigidity, high-torque motor.

Built in type auto loader
E-loader realizes space saving, low cost automation, and labor saving.

Enshu also has one side as parts processing manufacturer
and we can handle a wide range of parts.

Enshu has a track record of responding to all manufacturing needs in the world,
and can propose the best production system for our customers.

New model appeared Horizontal machining center GE50H
GE50H is a new model that has an optimal package configuration for machining large parts
and incorporates technology for connecting to conveyors, robots, and electrical systems.