Company Divisions

Machine Tool & Laser Business Operations

Our main machine tool products are divided into system equipment and general purpose equipment.
System equipment specifically means FTL (Flexible Transfer Lines), FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems), and other types of production lines controlled by computers – rapidly becoming an essential characteristic of production plants in the 21st century.
General purpose machines are machining centers and NC machines. With a solid foundation of years of experience working with milling technologies, we offer nothing but the latest in mechatronic products.

Working together with Hamamatsu Photonics, we have developed a High Power Laser Diode Welding System which is available on the market now. We have also developed a High Power Laser Diode Plastic Welding System, which has made a big splash in the market.
Production of OEM products focused on a core of optical technologies are also getting off the ground.

Device Division

We manufacture parts for transport equipment, mainly made by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Specifically, we machine parts for motorcycle engines, snowmobiles, golf carts, buggies, and other vehicles. We also machine and assemble diesel engines. Putting our own machine tools to full use, we apply the expertise and technologies we have accumulated in the field of machine tool manufacturing to machining and assembling parts.
We spare no effort in cutting costs, raising quality, and maximizing our operational efficiency.