Machining Samples

Introduce laser prosessing

Laser hardening

Partial hardening is possible. Minimum heat distortion. Any hardening that it is unique to Diode Laser is possible.

Welding of tailored blanks

It is possible to press after welding different type of steel plate (strength ,thickness) .

Aluminum welding

Achieves a high-quality weld with little spatter.

Titanium welding

Weld bead is thin. The speed is fast. The high-quality welding with low distortion is possible.
This is the good example utilized feature of diode laser.

Non-penetration welding

It’s suitable for non-penetration welding because melted zone is wide and keyhole isn’t formed.

Plastic welding

The wavelength of a diode laser, CW output, and beam form are the best for plastic welding.
We support stable production by our control technology.

Dissimilar material welding (Dissimilar metal)

With a laser it is possible to weld dissimilar materals which was previously impossible.

Welding of plastic and metal

About welding of resin and metals, laser welding has a lots of possibility.

Laser brazing

Laser brazing can reduce distortion because of less thermal effect on base material.