High Power Laser Diode Welding System L1

Next-Generation, High Power Laser Diode Welding System


  • The world's first high power laser diode welding system using Japanese-made high power laser diodes.
  • An axis configuration compatible with 2D tailored blank welding as well as 3D welding.
  • A cantilever design emphasizing line specifications and usability.


  • Delivers energy and space savings through the use of Japanese-made high power laser diodes.
  • Achieves positioning accuracy which is a cut above, thanks to the 6-axis hybrid design employing 3 orthogonal axes and 3 rotary axes.
  • In addition to the high positioning accuracy, the large gap reduces the occurrence of defects due to beam misalignment.
  • Achieves a high-quality weld with little spatter.

basic Specifications

Axis movement amount X axis 500mm
Y axis 1,200mm
Z axis 600mm
R-axis rotation range ±30°
B-axis rotation range -30°~60°
T-axis rotation range ±90°
Laser specifications Laser power 1kW・2kW・4kW・6kW
Laser wavelength 808nm

System Configration

L1 has three specifications available. Choose the best one for your needs.