Laser Base Machine LBM10

LBM10 can be a fundation laser machine to support the thermal procecessing world.
LBM10 is a laser machine which will dramatically change thermal processing.
It has all essentiall functions general-purpose.


  • High-speed and High-accuracy.
  • A compact size makes LBM10 install easily. (W:1110m×D:1040mm×H:2250mm)
  • Easy Control Panel.
  • Variety for many type of laser oscillator.

Basic specification

Axis travel X axis 250mm
Y axis 250mm
Z axis 250mm
Feed rate Processing feed rate 20,000mm/min
Working weight Maximum loading weight 40kg
Rotary Table
Table working surface φ150mm
Maximum loading weight 30kg
Height 815mm
Type of laser oscillator LBM10 has variety about laser oscilator, such as semiconductor laser, fiver laser and so on.
Please contact us about it.

Control Panel

Control Panel is easy to see and use.
NC program can be simply registered by positioning.

Choose one from five category to use.

・Program selection ・Running condition

・Number of productions and quality check
・Running condition

・Uint operation ・Laser operation

・Alarm confirmation ・I/O monitor

・Editing program ・Setting parameter

Machine dimensions